Software Development

Most business have IT requirements that are unique to their domain and environment. While there are many COTS (Commercial off-The-Shelf) products and solutions available in the market, many of them may not be suitable due to implementation issues, integration issues with legacy systems or requiring substantial learning curve.

Soft AID Computers P LtdĀ , develop robust applications using the latest technologies such as PHP, Java/J2EE and ASP & Microsoft.Net Development. We develop applications according to our client's requirements, incorporating appealing graphical user interface, desired functionalities and excellent end-user management. Each application are professionally designed & developed to match your business needs.

Soft AID takes special care to built the application which is perfect fit in your environment with minimal to no disturbance with your existing infrastructure.

Team Soft AID uses a time-tested and proven agile methodologies across all its software development services.

Reduction of total cost of ownership for application management and enhanced productivity & maintenance support has been guaranteed to our clients.

With many years of experience in executing successful projects, our road map involves;

-Through understanding of current business practices and technology.
-Meticulous planning using best project management methods before execution.
-Close collaboration of people for given project.
-The exact level of customization to balance scalability with ease-of-use.
-Continuous testing in parallel with development activities so defects can be identified early and customer gets Quality software in time.

We offer following solutions:

1.Web Development
2.Mobile Apps Development
3.Customized Software Development
4.Software Testing