Software Testing

Quality Assurance plays a crucial role in any software development project's success. At Soft AID we strive for perfection in our software testing services by getting those Bugs (Defects, Anomalies)out, irrespective of volume or nature of software application. Be it Functional testing, Integration testing, Security testing or Performance testing, we have the right expertise and tools to handle any challenges.

Our QA expertise lies in -

Functional Testing - Functional testing includes authentication of business flow with data integrity. It verifies that application is performing according to business requirements which are derived by Customer.

Regression Testing - Being performed at each and every iteration or phases to ensure that new releases are not affecting or breaking the earlier functionality.

Integration Testing - Being done to assure that application does well in integrated environment or with legacy system. The testing efforts includes checks for appropriate interaction with legacy systems.

User Acceptance Testing - It guarantees that application meets the functional needs of the end user and end product is full filling user expectations.

Automation Testing - Conducted with Selenium and other tools depending upon user requirements.

1. Meets the requirements that guided its design and development
2. Performs its functions within an acceptable time
3. Can be installed and run in its intended environments
4. Achieves the general result its stakeholders desire