Touch Based Application

At Soft-AID, we have now started providing hardware and software for all types of touch screen applications, some details and applications are as below.

a) Touch screens can be setup in an horizontal or vertical format. These can be made available in various large sizes from 32inches to 65 inches.For larger sizes these screens can be configured on 2 X 2 matrices or larger. These displays are usually Full HD and 4K resolutions also can be provide.
b) Touch screens can be setup as self service Information Kiosks, these kiosks can be used to provide any type of information and can display or play any type of Media files like Videos, charts, graphs etc.
c) Touch screens can be used for interactive display of data over maps etc, these can be used to dig down region wise etc. Two fingers pinch can be used to Zoom in and Zoom out on these maps providing an easy user experience and engagement.
d) Touch screens can be used to populate and display Big Data on various formats and an enhanced user experience and engagement can be provided.
e) Touch screens can be used to setup various training modules along with evaluations quizzes for Corporate training and evaluation.
f) Moreover we can develop various customized applications like Selfie Magic, Smart Mirrors, etc.

Some of the applications which are used by our clients are;

Map Based Data Management System

This application is an Database Viewing System. It is a Java based application with SQL as a RDBMS. Its a fully interactive system based on Touch screen technology. All the functions in the application are driven by the Touch interface, all instances of single touch, double touch including two finger pinch for Zoom in and Zoom out has been integrated. It can be configured for offline or Online Maps for location based incudence viewing. It provides region wise data display which will auto zoom out to various sub regions.

Selfie Magic

This is the biggest Smart phone that you have ever seen. Selfie Magic is a interactive tool to capture your own Selfie moments. This application is unique combination of Software and Hardware along with Touch technology. It uses Browser based application for capturing Selfies with DSLR camera and High definition web camera. The application itself is designed in such a way that the user can use this large screen touch screen as his personal smart phone with the same ease and interface.

STL Viewer

This application displays 3D images with animation for assembling and dis-assembly of parts. User can get the detailed view of each and every part of the assembled product. This application uses the Touch technology up to its fullest extent. This can be configured for training and evaluations.

Touch based UI

This application shows special effect of touch screen monitor. We can drag and drop the elements in Bottom Area, Side Bar, using Icons. We can do Bottom Slide, Page Scale, etc.