Knowledge Management

Considering the fast changing digital world, knowledge is the key factor for survival of most of the Technology Companies where lots and lots of data is being generated every day in different processes. All this data is stored in a particular format which itself is known as information. From all this accumulated information what is inferred by us is called knowledge. Typically every organization stores this knowledge in different formats like Documents, Manuals, Videos, Customer queries, Audio recordings etc..This kind of knowledge is called Explicit or Codified knowledge.

The other type of knowledge is Tacit or Inferred knowledge which every individual acquires over the years through working, practical exposure, learning, doing the particular process repeatedly. In real life scenario this tacit knowledge is almost 90% and Explicit knowledge is just 10%. Many organizations suffer heavy losses due to attrition or retirement of key personnel which carries tremendous amounts of tacit knowledge which goes along with them forever. Sometimes many organizations suffer heavy financial loss or lose key projects due to one single key person or SME (Subject Matter Expert) leaving or going away from an organization who possesses this tacit knowledge.

Indeed this is a very serious problem and this is where Softaid Infosolutions pitch in with their highly customized Knowledge Management application which is fully web based. Our KM team tackles your KM related challenges by providing a 10 step approach wherein we take care of your requirements from drafting your organization specific KM policy and objectives till designing Audit plan for KM uses and presenting different statistical reports to Management for effective KM uses and its effectiveness in organization.

Our Knowledge Management suite uses technologies including artificial intelligence (AI) which is used for knowledge acquisition and case based reasoning, computers based simulations, and full integration with enterprise resource planning systems. Our KM suite is having advanced multilingual capabilities, can run on mobile phones and tabs having advanced chatbot functions. Our team of expert developers and Subject matter experts are well versed with SQL and Oracle database designing for customer specific knowledge management suite as well as designing a user friendly interface using latest front end technologies. Some of the technologies we are used for Knowledge Management suites are:

  • Java
  • Python
  • PHP
  • .Net with HTML
  • CSS and Javascript
  • Ionic 4